Macron: ‘Sad to this part of to see us burn’

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The fire in the Notre-Dame cathedral in all of France and beyond a lot of emotions. The French president Emmanuel Macron speaks of ‘part of us’ that in flames goes.

President Emmanuel Macron draws tonight to the scene of the fire, just as prime minister Édouard Philippe. Macron would actually be at 20.00 for a talk about the national dialogue, but that was by the fire is postponed.

On Twitter gave the president a first emotional response. “The Notre-Dame of Paris has fallen prey to the flames. This touches the feelings of the entire country. My thoughts are with all catholics and all French people. Like all my countrymen, I am sad to this part of to see us burn’, says Macron on Twitter.

Also Marine Le Pen, in the presidential election, the last opponent of Macron, need to go to the fire. She praises the firefighters that the fire in ‘this pearl of our heritage, and our culture is trying to extinguish the fire.

The cathedral is since 1991 a Unesco world heritage site. Audrey Azouley, director-general of Unesco, promises you that the organization of France wants to assist in the reconstruction of the building.

‘Symbol for culture’

Also from abroad, come comments full of sympathy for the French. So, our prime minister, Charles Michel, at the historical value of the building, both for the French and all of Europe.

The spokesman of the German chancellor Angela Merkel noted that the images hurt. “The Notre-Dame is a symbol for France and our European culture. We are in thoughts with our French friends.’ European president Donald Tusk share that thought. “The Notre-Dame of Paris is the Notre-Dame of Europe.”


The American president Donald Trump tweette soon after the outbreak of the fire on the disaster. He called for ‘quick to respond’ and suggested the possibility to put out the fire with aircraft. His wife, Melania says that ‘her heart is breaking’ on seeing the fire.

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