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Love for tears

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In full easter holidays, will the tears flow: the return of Love for music is guaranteed. The emergency centre and The Embassy give a look at the problems that employees are faced with.

  • In this Respect (Canvas, 20 – 20.35 hours)
    CD&V chairman Wouter Beke respond to the candidate-prime minister Jan Jambon (N-VA), and the statements of PS-head Elio Di Rupo on a revision of the finance act. Further bends correspondent Arlene Gelderblom feel about the open letter that former European statesmen on the Palestine question have written, and analyzes Steven Decraene the most recent speech of the French prime minister Macron.
  • The Embassy (Four, 20.35-21.35 pm)
    Belgians abroad, they speak to the imagination, but sometimes it is also misery, misery, misery on the Belgian embassies abroad. Exotic love, there seem to be luxuriantly, to thrive. Ingredients enough for tv entertainment.
  • The emergency centre (One, 20.40-21.15 hours)
    This gem begins its third season, with a look behind the scenes of the emergency rooms in Ghent, Brussels and Hasselt. The are the phone calls to the marrow.
  • For the love of music (VTM, 20.45-22.05 hours)
    ?Milow, Laura Tesoro, Bart Kaëll, Stef Kamil Carlens, Jan Leyers, Ilse DeLange and Kommil Foo to start a new season of for the Love of music. The company concentrates today expertly about Kaëlls oeuvre.
  • Van Gils and Guests (One, 22.10 – 22.55 hrs)
    Cameron Vandenbroucke, Chantal Vanruymbeke, the daughter and mother of Frank Vandenbroucke, talk about the life and career of VDB, on the occasion of the series ‘VDB. I am not god’. Boezemvriendinnen Camine Of Hoof and Soe Nsuki car to a breakdance battle. In the verkiezingsreeks come Ivan De Vadder and Björn Rzoska along.

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