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Lewis Hamilton at full speed

0ddfabaeed9f83902d6ef85dac468bfa - Lewis Hamilton at full speed

Five-time world champion will not tolerate opposition in boring GP of China

Lewis Hamilton at full speed

Three major awards has Lewis Hamilton had the need to return to the top of the CHAMPIONSHIP standings to lift.

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Lewis Hamilton was seldom better for the day than in China. reuters

Five-time world champion will not tolerate opposition in boring GP of China

Lewis Hamilton at full speed

Three major awards has Lewis Hamilton had the need to return to the top of the CHAMPIONSHIP standings to lift.

Vandoorne on the podium

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Formula 1GP of China

Gert Vermersch

BrusselDat he two weeks ago the Bahrain Grand Prix with a fluke had won, wish Lewis Hamilton would like to admit. That he was not at his best form, also. Also in China he was during the free practice in the shadow ridden by teammate Valtteri Bottas. Even in the qualifiers, it seemed the wrong way to go, but Hamilton did just in time in addition to his Finnish team-mate to lift. To him in the race don’t have a chance to give. It is the gift of great champions also in the face of adversity within themselves to continue to believe and hard to hit. Hamilton is rarely better for the day than yesterday in China.

Leclerc angry

The Brit was in China also helped by a blunderend Ferrari team. Charles Leclerc seemed to be on his elan of Bahrain. The 21-year-old Monegask, who two weeks ago only due to mechanical failure of the victory was held, took yesterday at the start immediately team-mate Sebastian Vettel to graze. While Leclerc tried in the trail of the leading Mercedes-riders to continue, he was told by the teamradio to hear that he and Vettel had to pass. Leclerc sputterde still for a while, but obeyed anyway. A questionable decision, but Ferrari team boss Binotto had previously repeated that Vettel will always be given priority if the odds are fiftyfifty. Surprising were that teamorders.

But it was worse when Leclerc then immediately a strange strategy was assigned, with one instead of two pit stops. An attempt of Ferrari to Bottas to obstruct and Vettel the chance to give the Fin to threaten. A disastrous decision. Not only because Leclerc on worn tires never was in a position to Bottas to duel, but he lost, so his fourth place to Max Verstappen. When Leclerc after the race to a response was asked, he remained on the plain: “I do not wish to make statements which I afterwards regret.’

Wanted: voltage

Ferrari shoots in their own foot by tactical blunders

In Shanghai was the thousandth of a grand prix for the world championship F1 season. Fortunately, there was some celebrations for the jubilee, because the quality of the race was to cry. In 56 rounds could with what good will three duels will be counted. Mercedes dominated again, Ferrari had little trouble to Red Bull to hold off and behind that is three top teams is an increasingly wider gap. Optimists point than on the fact that the civil society are very close to each other, but how long can a battle for the seventh place the audience attention? Also in Shanghai was behind the scenes pressure to negotiate the future of the F1. If the bobo’s were not able to take measures allowing the entire field again closer to each other, the interest of the public sometimes fast can decrease.

● Results: 1. Lewis Hamilton (GBr/Mercedes) the 305,066 km in 1h32:06.350; 2. Valtteri Bottas (Fin/Mercedes) 6.552; 3. Sebastian Vettel (Ger/Ferrari) 13.744; 4. Max Verstappen (Ned/Red Bull-Honda) 27.627; 5. Charles Leclerc (Mon/Ferrari) 31.276; 6. Pierre Gasly (Fra/Red Bull-Honda) 1:09.307; 7. Daniel Ricciardo (Aus/Renault) 1 lap; 8. Sergio Pérez (Mex/Racing Point-Mercedes) 1 lap; 9. Kimi Räikkönen (Fin/Alfa Romeo Racing-Ferrari) 1 lap; 10. Alexander Albon (Tha/Toro Rosso-Honda) 1 lap; 11. Romain Grosjean (Fra/Haas-Ferrari) 1 lap; 12. Lance Stroll (Can/Racing Point-Mercedes) 1 lap; 13. Kevin Magnussen (Den/Haas-Ferrari) 1 lap; 14. Carlos Sainz Jr (Spa/McLaren-Renault) 1 lap; 15. Antonio Giovinazzi (Ita/Alfa Romeo Racing-Ferrari) 1 lap;

World cup mode: pilots: 1. Lewis Hamilton (GBr) 68 points; 2. Valtteri Bottas (Fin) 62; 3. Max Verstappen (Ned) 39; 4. Sebastian Vettel (Ger) 37; 5. Charles Leclerc (Mon) 36; 6. Pierre Gasly (Fra) 13; 7. Kimi Räikkönen (Fin) 12; 8. Lando Norris (GBr) 8; 9. Kevin Magnussen (Den) 8; 10. Daniel Ricciardo (Aus) 6; 11. Nico Hülkenberg (Ger) 6; 12. Sergio Pérez (Mex) 5; 13. Alexander Albon (Tha) 3; 14. Lance Stroll (Can) 2; 15. Daniil Kvyat (Rus) 1

Constructors: 1. Mercedes 130 points; 2. Ferrari 73; 3. Red Bull-Honda 52; 4. Renault 12; 5. Alfa Romeo Racing-Ferrari 12; 6. Haas-Ferrari 8; 7. McLaren-Renault 8; 8. Racing Point-Mercedes 7; 9. Toro Rosso-Honda 4

Vandoorne on the podium

Formula E

For the first time since the fall of 2016, it was Stoffel Vandoorne on the podium. In the seventh world cup round in Rome, drove to the West-Vlaming after a flawless race to third place, his first place of honour in the Formula E.

“This does so much right,” said Vandoorne. ‘Remember that this is for the whole HWA team until the first Formula E season. We have the past few races and some bad luck known, but we have to keep working. This is a fitting reward.”

All things went almost wrong for Vandoorne. Just after crossing the finish line, a drive shaft of his car, allowing Vandoorne to walk to the stage if rush. Jérôme D ” Ambrosio finished eighth, enough to with one point lead again the leader in the standings. (lu)

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