Five-year-old victim attack Christchurch wakes up from coma

ed9b03d7588b40492f41ce04de4909fe - Five-year-old victim attack Christchurch wakes up from coma

Alen Alsati went on the 15 march for the first time with her father to the Al Noor mosque, but was shot on the way there. Five days ago, she awoke from her coma, but the girl has brain damage incurred.

The father of the japanese Eel, was also one of the seriously injured victims of the attack in Christchurch on two mosques. In that attack, fell fifty killed and as many wounded. The girl waits, however, a long recovery. She underwent seven operations, but the doctors estimate that another six months will take to the extent of the brain damage to determine.

“My daughter can’t talk, hear nothing, and does not reply to the questions of her parents,” says father Wasseim Alsati, from his hospital bed. “She woke up and recognized us.’

Alsati to thank the community for the support. ‘Please keep praying for us, we need it, ” he says. “I can’t wait to make me feel better and go back home to Christchurch. I miss our home.’

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