Fire in Notre-Dame in Paris

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There is Monday, a fire in the Notre-Dame in Paris, one of the most iconic spots of the city. On images is to see how the flames from the roof store. The fire try the fire under control, the disaster is already huge.

French media are reporting that, according to the fire brigade, the fire around 18.50 hours in the dakgewelf is arise. It is unclear whether there are people out there in the near found. After one hour of fire collapsed a tower in the centre of the fire.

The church in the heart of Paris is renovated, but it is not clear whether it will work the fire have caused. The raging flames are located in the area where the renovation works are ongoing.

The cathedral was evacuated and the fire department has a wide safety zone set up. The fire department is massively present, and the police to the attendees asked for the environment to avoid.

Anne Hidalgo, the mayor of Paris speaks of a “terrible fire”, requires that everyone has enough distance from the fire to the emergency services for their work.


The news in France a deep impression. President Macron has a for tonight’s scheduled speech already cancelled. He was going to the kick-off of the ‘national debate’, in which he has an answer for her to give to the aspirations of the ‘yellow shirts’, but that is postponed.


With year twelve to fourteen million visitors is Notre Dame one of the main tourist attractions in Paris. That is partly due to the book “The hunchback of Notre-Dame’ by Victor Hugo, among others, by Disney was adapted into a successful animated cartoon.

The construction is, however, for years in a bad state. In recent years fell regularly debris downwards, so that a thorough restoration is was needed. The last time that the cathedral is thoroughly under hands was taken, dated from the nineteenth century.

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