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Dash at CMC Markets as a contract for differences traded – Coin Hero

Dash at CMC Markets as a contract for differences traded

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Not only the Dash of the Broker CMC Markets to its platform. A total of seven new Coins are now part of the trading model.

CMC Markets expands crypto Portfolio

Investors who buy Bitcoin, known to only a possible way to profit from price movements. The trade with the so-called contracts for difference is another approach to the crypto-Fans targeted to the upward and downward movements of the rates to speculate. It does not need the purchase of Bitcoin or Ethereum. Instead, the contracts are traded, which are basically on the quality of the movement “” is wagered. A renowned provider of the platform operator CMC Markets.

In addition to the Dash also, Monero and other Coins available

The said service provider includes a German branch of the banking metropolis of Frankfurt am Main. Since long there Contracts for Difference (CFDs or contracts for difference) can be traded on digital currencies. Now it became known that the customer of the platform can easily select a total of seven additional Digital Assets for trade. So far, the operator has concentrated on classics such as Bitcoin, ETH, Bitcoin, Cash, XRP and Litecoin. Ripple was first established in October, added. In addition, now come on the Dash as well as other options Monero, EOS, NEO, Stellar, Tron, and Cardano. The trade can be done via the CMC Markets Platform “NextGeneration”.

More crypto-selection and a drop in trading fees

The same time fees for trading will be reduced significantly. A total of a dozen of crypto-currencies is now for this type of trade. Background knowledge: CFDs are a risky, but interesting tool for owners of digital currencies, the search for a way rate to compensate for losses due to speculation on falling prices – are not directly back to sell need to lay from the own Wallet in difficult times.

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