‘Assange tried spionagecentrum in embassy of Ecuador

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Julian Assange would have tried to the embassy of Ecuador in London to form a ‘spionagecentrum’. That claims, at least the Ecuadorian president Lenín Moreno in an interview with The Guardian. In the Spanish El Pais testified last weekend, then again former security guards of Assange about his eccentricities.

The Ecuadorian head of state Lenín Moreno, who in 2017 came to power, laments in the interview in the British newspaper The Guardian that the previous government of Ecuador to Assange, the resources would have to interfere in the affairs of other states’.

‘We could not allow that our house, our embassy, its doors has opened, a spionagecentrum would be, ” says Moreno against the newspaper. ‘Someone who is guilty of espionage, a violation of the asielvoorwaarden.’ Moreno claims in the newspaper that the decision to the asylum of Assange to revoke is not arbitrary, it happened, ‘but it is supported by international law’.

The lawyer of Assange, Jennifer Robinson, had the Sunday morning programme at the British television channel Sky News about outrageous accusations. Assange would continue to be willing to cooperate with the Swedish authorities and that his extradition would ask, but continues to be a priority to oppose an extradition to the United States. In Sweden needs Assange is justified in a verkrachtingszaak.

Plumber flown

In the Spanish newspaper El Pais to do some of the former guards of Assange then again, a book open on the eccentricities of the founder of WikiLeaks. So, according to them, in 2016, a plumber from Spain flown to Assanges toilet to recover. Cost: converted to 4.000 euro. It was feared that a local plumber may be eavesdropping equipment would install, claiming the Spanish security staff in the newspaper.

They refer in the interview to Assange as ‘El Juli’ (‘the guest’) who like many celebrities received. Including Lady Gaga, Yoko Ono and her son Sean Lennon or fashion designer Vivienne Westwood came to him all along.

Skateboarding through the hallway

The ex-employees further say against El Pais that Assange tv interviews he gave in his underpants. Only his upper body that came into the picture, was decent dressed. The toilet flush was not Assange spent and he worked for the embassy officials on the hips in a small room on an electric plate to cook. Assange killed to further his time skateboarding or playing ball in the hall of the ambassadegebouw.

The services of the in the Spanish city of Cádiz established security company were terminated in 2017, after the leftist president of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, was succeeded by the moderate president Lenín Moreno. Correa, who today with his Belgian wife lives in our land, called Moreno shortly after the arrest of Assange is a traitor and a corrupt man.


Assange was Thursday arrested in the embassy of Ecuador in London. He verschuilde have seven years to escape a British arrest warrant. Assange is accused of rape and sexual assault in Sweden, facts which he has always denied.

Also, there is a uitleveringsverzoek from the US, which him accuse the former intelligence officer and whistleblower Chelsea Manning helped with the revealing of state secrets. Thanks to Manning was well known how American soldiers from a helicopter, Iraqi civilians and journalists had been shot.

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