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“Approach from Mick Schumacher looks like his father”

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At the day of testing in Bahrain if Mick Schumacher his first experience in Formula 1 at Ferrari, the team where his father is his biggest successes should celebrate. Team boss Binotto was to say that under the impression.

There fell during the day of testing in Bahrain not to escape, Mick Schumacher came in the footsteps of his legendary father and made his first meters in a Formula 1.

As if that wasn’t enough, if the twenty-year-old German that is also to do behind the wheel of a Ferrari, the fact that Mick also some physical similarities with his father has made complete the picture.

During the first day showed Schumacher the second time to record after a rained out test session and on the second day, he drove the Alfa Romeo for a sixth time.

The results of such a test session to say never a lot and it is not inconceivable that the second time as a gift from Ferrari can be considered. A Schumacher at the front of the drive is more interesting than one that is behind the facts drive.

Everyone has just about his say about the young German, but what is Mattia Binotto, the team boss of Ferrari, now actually of the performance of Schumacher?

“The performance of Schumacher is difficult to assess due to the bad weather on two april,” said Binotto. “That taken into account he has done a good job in the area of the car and the team to get to know the car and round by round closer to the limit.”

“He has listened, he has the borders are not scanned but round per round will be gradually built up. He was very focused and concentrated in his work to do good.”

“That’s actually the most important on such a day. For him, the learning process, and anyway, the most important thing, that and his new challenge in the Formula 2.”

“How he tackles and how he is in the car is interested and how he deal with it he seems strong on his father. I have already seen when I asked him the first time in Maranello seen,” decision Binotto.

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