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A happy reunion with Game of thrones

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The first episode of the last season of Game of thrones should clear up a few dots on the i’s. Who hates whom, and why? And why is that one person happy that the other is still alive? It’s all about the human and political relationships between the characters, as the main venue Winterfell.

It is as a loyal fan a happy reunion with Game of thrones. For many of the characters, it is a happy reunion with each other, though there are exceptions. The water between Arya and Sandor Clegane, The Hound, remains very deep. And the wildlingen their encounter with the Night King also prefer a few more episodes.

1. Jon and Arya

Arya is normally not afraid of anything, but when her brother to Winterfell looks away, catches her voice in her throat.

The procession of people in Jon’s wake agree her both happy and evil. Gendry, her friend from season one, is there in Winterfell. But the Hound, who they are for the dead left behind, continues to haunt her.

2. Daenarys and the North

The North reacts coldly to the arrival of the new queen, Daenerys Targaryan, but as her dragons popping up, she finds her courage and strength back. Also Sansa welcomes Dany coldly.

But there is really no time for it. Bran points out that the wall is fallen, that one of her dragons are now a ijsdraak is, and that it is high time to create a plan. But first, there are still about semantics talking. “You left here as king of the North, and you come back as what?’, ask the 13-year-old Lady Lyanna Mormont to Jon. There they are in the North not yet fully out.

3. Tyrion and Sansa

As hand of the queen traveled Tyrion with Daenerys, and Sansa was the meanwhile the Lady of Winterfell. The water between Tyrion and Sansa is less deep than you might expect. Technically they are still married, you know, was that marriage is never consummated. They are both impressed by each other’s performance, in the first place, that they’re still alive. Sansa has a dark personality developed, and believe Tyrion if he says that the Lannisters the North come to help in the fight against the dead. Rightly so, as later.

4. Cersei and general services

Cersei shakes a new plan up her sleeve. She has the Golden Company, an army of mercenaries, paid for her to fight, but is very disappointed when there are no elephants. And she is also very wrokkig become, not only because Tyrion must remember, Bronn should also Jamie kill. That’s what you get as your back returns to the queen. Trip will miss Jamie not too hard, because she has already found someone to her bed to warm up. General services is even planning a prince to do with her.

5. Jon and Rhaegal

He doesn’t know yet that he is a Targaryan, but may already on the back of Rhaegal drive. A romantic getaway for Jon and Dany, that she was kissing close. Something where Drogon not really a laugh.

6. Arya and Gendry

Blooms something beautiful!? It takes Arya for Gendry against the Hound, and then they are just flirting above the forge, we see the like happen. Wait and see if Gendry is the new weapon that Arya with him ordered. Hopefully it is in time for the Night King is vested, and may that romance continue to bloom.

7. Jon and Sansa

Sansa has not only the political games under the knee, she is also not blind to amorous advances. The question: “Is Daenerys our queen because the North wanted to protect, or because you love her?’ remains unanswered by Jon. Those two are never best friends, but blood is thick, thicker than water, and now the need is greatest they have to trust each other. What will happen when Sansa the truth about Jon’s family history to know?

9. Sam and Jon

Straightforwardly, ‘Jon, you’re king of the Seven Kingdoms’. Jon believes Sam when he says that Ned Stark lied to protect him against the late king Robert. But now, the simple question: Jon gave up his crown to save his people, will Daenerys do the same?

10. The wildlingen and the Night King

Game of thrones would Game of thrones, there are not a little death and destruction pops up. The Night Knight left an uncomfortable message behind for the wildlingen: a dead child on the wall surrounded by severed arms and legs. The Night King, the leader of the White Walkers, the North a clear message, with the necessary sense of drama.

11. Jamie and Bran

As incognito as possible, demolition Jamie to the north, because he had promised Jon that they are together against the dead would fight. It was intended that he an army would bring, but he came alone. Not his fault of course, it was Cersei as Sansa previously predicted, that the not as saw to her army to Winterfell to send.

What Jamie had forgotten, or simply didn’t know, is that Bran is still alive. You know, Bran, which are now only still in floaty truths speak, but ever a boy was that everywhere opkroop. So the tower is also where Jamie and Cersei at the vozen were, so Jamie Bran holograph of the building pushed. And now Bran for always in a wheelchair. He found it an all time best really, but now he has the Three-eyed-raven is, no one knows actually what Bran really is and what is not. Jamie is scared of a hat if he is Bran there, in Winterfell, in his wheelchair. Bran looks at him straight, and woolly. But Bran looked at anyone this episode, woolly. Will be undoubtedly continued.

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