Ukrainian president debating with himself

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In the Olympic Stadium of Kiev, the challenger of the Ukrainian president Petro Porosjenko default given for the election debate. The popular comedian Volodimir Zelenski, that would be about five days in debate.

“I wait here for you.’ While the words he speaks, walks Zelenski through the catacombs of the Olympic Stadium in Kiev and then press gesticulerend the turf on which to walk. Good for tens of thousands of views on YouTube.

Last week launched Zelenski, comedian by profession and a candidate-president, this movie where he is the current president Petro Porosjenko challenges for a debate in the Olympic Stadium. With a few conditions: there had to be public, all the tv channels had to broadcast and advance, there had to be a drug and alcohol test be administered.

Porosjenko accepted the invitation, but warned at the same time, he doesn’t show wanted to make. He had previously been in a debate called. Last week found the drug and alcohol place.

Today was it so far, though in a room adjacent to the stadium. But only Porosjenko showed up, so said the news agency AFP. Zelenski sent his cat. He found april 14, no suitable date. According to him the debate on april 19, continue.

Porosjenko there was nothing better than driekwartier to wait long for his rival. He made use of the occasion to answer questions of journalists to answer and the opponent to attack, reports the BBC. Afterwards he was still a campagnebijeenkomst of.

‘If he again hides for the people, then he is afraid”, said Porosjenko about Zelenski. “We will re-invite. We will him every day invite, for each live show throughout the country to see who they can choose for the next five years.”

According to the management of the stadium, there is still a booking for 19 april to have a debate to organize. Question is whether Zelenski, or show up and or Porosjenko him on stage will accompany. Two days later, on 21 april, the second round of the presidential election.

Zelenski is the big favorite. In the first round, a week ago, took out almost a third of the votes, almost double the score of Porosjenko. Despite his lack of political experience makes the 41-year-old comedian, a clever use of social media for its popularity to increase.

Zelenski played a teacher who suddenly became president in the popular sitcom ‘Servant of the people ” on the Ukrainian tv.

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