PSV after peace on the hunt to equalize against The County

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PSV after peace on the hunt to equalize against The County

14 april 2019 11:30
14-04-19 11:30
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In the Premier league are Sunday four duels on the program. PSV is at 12.15 pm, starting the thuisduel with The County and hopes behind leader Ajax. At 14.30 hours Willem II-PEC Zwolle and sc Heerenveen-FC Groningen against each other. FC Utrecht and Vitesse close at 16.45 hours the thirtieth round. Follow everything in our liveblog.

PSV-Graafschap (0-1)

H’veen, Groningen
Willem II-PEC

16.45 pm:
FC Utrecht-VitessePSV-De Graafschap · one minute ago63′ Penalty for PSV!

Lozano falls over an outstretched leg of Serrarens and gets a Heerenveen-FC Groningen · 2 minutes ago

At 14.30 hours in the Abe Lenstra Stadium in the Derby of the North in the program. Heerenveen starts with Morten Thorsby for Sam Lammers and Yuk Kobayashi for Nemanja Mihajlovic. FC Groningen begins with Tim Craftsman for Amir Absalem and Illiass Bel HAssani for Mimoun Mahi.PSV-De Graafschap · 6 minutes geleden58 ” What a huge chance for the 1-1! Angeliño puts the ball in low for and The Young him for the type, but the striker stumbles on Bertrams.PSV-De Graafschap · 8 minutes geleden55′ Bergwijn keep the overview, and explains ready for Pablo Rosario, but the young midfielder is aiming for but just next to it.PSV-De Graafschap · 9 minutes ago

The County survives the first ten minutes of peace and is now also itself, what’s more to football, but danger found successful the visitors yet.PSV-De Graafschap · 10 minutes geleden54′ The ball is accidentally for the feet of Lozano, who is a free schietkans on a meter or sixteen, but not for the first time today, as the Mexican not to score.PSV-De Graafschap · 15 minutes geleden49′ PSV comes out of the dressing room and on the hunt for the equalizer. The County is under pressure.PSV-De Graafschap · 16 minutes geleden47′ The first achievement of PSV after rest, it is a fact. Bergwijn get a nice schietkans, but aiming in the hands of the Bertrams.PSV-De Graafschap · 19 minutes geleden46′ The ball is rolling for the second company. Mark van Bommel performs one swap by: Donyell Times for Muhammad Ihattaren.PSV-De Graafschap · 20 minutes geledenMet these names begins PEC Zwolle at the thuisduel with Willem II:

Preparation of PEC Zwolle: #wilpec #peczwolle


AuteurPEC ZwolleMoment of plaatsen13:16 – april 14, 2019PSV-The County of · 27 minutes ago

288 – PSV minutes behind this Premier league season:
Before the winter break: 89
After the winter break: 288.


AuteurOptaJohanMoment of plaatsen13:04 – 14 april 2019PSV-The County of · 31 minutes ago

For the time being, he is the man of the match: Burgzorg. The attacker makes his fifth goal of the season.PSV-De Graafschap · 34 minutes ago

It is quiet in Eindhoven! The County leads very surprising with 0-1 against PSV, that there is not a lot of bakes. Can the home team after the break bend?PSV-De Graafschap · 34 minutes geleden45+2′ Cheers in Eindhoven, but the goal doesn’t count. The Young men tonight at the bar but is offside. The rebound of Lozano that against the ropes is frowned upon.PSV-De Graafschap · 38 minutes geledenNog a few minutes to rest in Eindhoven. Can PSV the second half on the board before the break?PSV-De Graafschap · 40 minutes geleden41 ” Oh, Oh, oh PSV! After fiddling in the back when The County gets Lozano an open chance in the second half, but the Mexican shoot next. In the repetition shows that Bergwijn something before offside was, therefore, a hit was not approved.PSV-De Graafschap · 42 minutes geleden40′ PSV escaped the 0-2! Burgzorg puts the ball ready for Fabian Serrarens in the penalty area, but the ball is not good enough so the midfield is no free schietkans.PSV-De Graafschap · one hour ago

The moment that Burgzorg The County ahead of set in Eindhoven.PSV-De Graafschap · one hour geleden34′ PSV have more chances of a hit. This time The Young heads, but the striker brushes the ball too much.PSV-De Graafschap · one hour geleden33′ The audience is not to speak about the current game of PSV and expect more of the eleven names on the field.PSV-De Graafschap · one hour geleden29′ PSV is already almost 1-1. Denzel Dumfries has all the space after a good attack by the home team, but the play gets out of a difficult corner of the underside of the crossbar. From the corner that follows the headline in The Young the ball in the hands of Nigel Bertrams.PSV-De Graafschap · one hour ago26′ GOAL The County! 0-1

Giant triumph for PSV? For the time being not! The County gets all the space to play football and Delano Burgzorg and blasts a cross from Leeroy Owusu in the far corner.PSV-De Graafschap · one hour ago

Halfway through the first half it was still 0-0 in the Philips Stadium, and that they had at PSV still like it differently.PSV-De Graafschap · one hour geleden20′ Chance for Luuk de Jong, who hit the ball which luckily for his feet, but from a difficult angle to shoot the striker with the left side of the zijnet.PSV-De Graafschap · one hour geleden19′ It is all of best what PSV shows. The Locals are sloppy and still not stand up to The County completely.PSV-De Graafschap · one hour geleden15, ” here is the first big chance for PSV. Hirving Lozano can by mediocre defending from the visitors, but the Mexican hit the outside of the pole.PSV-De Graafschap · one hour geleden10′ PSV take control against The County. The Eindhoven now have a lot of the ball, but strokes also not yet in danger of the giants.PSV-De Graafschap · one hour ago

In Doetinchem won PSV earlier this season with 1-4 of The County. The team of Mark van Bommel hopes with the eye on the goal difference today, a great result to put down.PSV-De Graafschap · one hour geleden4 ” The County has a lot of the ball in the first minutes, but with opportunities comes the team of Henk de Jong. PSV has also still not reported to the enemy goal.PSV-De Graafschap · one hour ago1 ” We are on the road! PSV should win The County and prefer to also score a lot.PSV-De Graafschap · one hour geledenDe players come onto the field in Eindhoven. In a few minutes we will begin.PSV-De Graafschap · 2 hours ago

Jeroen Zoet may be the first PSV-keeper, be sixteen times the zero means in a Premier league season since Andreas Isaksson in 2009/2010.PSV-De Graafschap · 2 hours ago

De Graafschap coach Henk de Jong begins with Fabian Serrarens, Delano Burgzorg, Furdjel Narsingh and Charlison Benschop very offensive to the uitduel with PSV.

The County: Bertrams; Owusu, Straalman, S. Nieuwpoort, Tutuarima; Grease, El Jebli, Serrarens; Narsingh, Benschop, Burgzorg.PSV-De Graafschap · 3 hours agoSadilek and Ihattaren in base PSV
PSV-trainer Mark van Bommel returns with Michal Sadílek and Mohammed Ihattaren a rise in the thuisduel with The County. That comes at the expense of Gaston Pereiro and Jorrit Hendrix. The kick-off is at 12.15 pm in Eindhoven.

Let’s hunt! 😤
Ready Mo and Sadí?
Unity is power


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