Popular protest today keeps in Sudan

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Thousands of Sudanese to keep a zitblokkade for the headquarters of the army in Khartoum. They want a quick transition to a civilian government.

Last Thursday, the military has the 75-year-old Omar al-Bashir is deposed, after his thirty years in power. Months of protests against the dictator went to them in advance. A transitional government, led by the army, announced to his place for the next two years.

That message was insufficient to allow the widespread anger completely stifle. Union SPA, already at the start of the organizer of the protest, urges the military transitional government to also involving citizens. In addition, SPA is of the opinion that there are too many of them confidants of Bashir is part of the new bewindsploeg.

Also the reform of the powerful intelligence services and the abolition of the militias that operated under Bashir, at the top of the priority list. Today there are about four thousand protesters to the headquarters of the army in Khartoum to meet these requirements.

According to the news agency Reuters, that spot is expired the protests are currently peaceful, after the earlier this week to fatal collisions. The atmosphere would be even relaxed. “We will this revolution defend against a hijacking’, is recorded from the mouth of the 21-year-old student Mouawiya Mubarak.

Former defense minister Ahmed Awad Ibn Auf, announced Thursday the departure of Bashir. He took over the leadership of the government, but had to a day later as to give way because he is too close to Bashir was according to the marchers. Lieutenant-general Abdel Fattah Abdelrahman Burhan is now on.

During his first televised address last night, he announced the curfew at night to lift and he ordered the release of all the prisoners who are stuck under the issue empowerment laws of Bashir.

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