Police used tear gas against yellow bibs in Toulouse

24910abee42c7aac6b43cc9ad29a7fc5 - Police used tear gas against yellow bibs in Toulouse

In Toulouse are Saturday, thousands of yellow shirts on the street come. At the beginning of their manifestation were the tensions with the police on, that all picking for the procession to reduce.

Less than an hour after the beginning of the parade, pushed the protesters on politieblokkades. The police chargeerden to the zone limits, which they tear gas used, the French news agency AFP.

Thousands of protesters regrouped for the parade to resume. Also it took the police repeatedly used tear gas in.

According to the local prefecture came the police intervened because the agents pelted. The prefecture pointed to “the presence of black-clad, masked individuals”.

A build machine on a construction site was set on fire, but there was no major damage to signs. The continuation of the manifestation was peaceful.

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