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Philippe Gilbert in tears after a win in Paris-Roubaix: “Many people said that I would not be able to”

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Philippe Gilbert is one step closer to his ultimate dream to all five Monuments to win. Our compatriot won Paris-Roubaix after a strong race and was right there after the finish line clear of graves, because he was team leader Patrick Lefevere in the arms, with tears in his eyes. “I must transform to be able to,” said the rider from Deceuninck-QuickStep after the finish.

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“It was always a dream of mine to have all the Monuments to win, today I am one step closer to that goal,” says the now 36-year-old Gilbert. “It is very special, many people said that I could not, and were a little pessimistic. But I have two years ago the Tour of Flanders, won, and now Paris-Roubaix. I have myself adapted as a rider, I am transformed from puncher to kasseispecialist. I worked hard to get to that Big Five to go: only Milan-Sanremo is still missing.”

“In the Round, I was completely blank because the next day I sure was sick,” said Gilbert over the past week. “That was disappointing, because, suddenly, everything was gone. I am subsequently returned to Monaco, where I was in the mountains, many have trained. That has me, well done, that was what I needed. The condition came right back and the confidence also. If you have two, you can do a lot.”

“I have tactical the perfect price driven”, said the winner of his contest. “I could everything in my favor to run by early fall. And Nils Politt was the ideal companion. We have not accounted for, and just drove. At the end of the contest wins than the best, and happy I am. I dedicate this victory to the team, because before I came here I was a different rider. I was previously a rider who is more focused on the Ardennes classics. Now I’m in a team with a very good entourage that I have a lot of experience I could gain. First, I won the Round with Patrick (Lefevere, ed.) and today, Roubaix, so I’m very happy that I was to be Deceuninck-QuickStep have come.”

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