Opgeluchte The Farmer: ‘also Had with 7-1 win’

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Opgeluchte The Farmer: ‘also Had with 7-1 win’

14 april 2019 13:46
14-04-19 13:46
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Frank the Farmer is relieved and proud that he is with Atlanta United finally got his first victory in the MLS has been booked. The reigning champion won Saturday night (local time) with 0-2 of hekkensluiter New England Revolution.

Atlanta made an end to the zegeloze series in the league. The plough of The Farmer, knew the first four matches of the season with D. C. United (2-0), FC Cincinnati (1-1), Philadelphia Union (1-1) and Columbus Crew (2-0) all did not win.

“The last two weeks we have talked a lot,” said The Farmer after his first competitiezege with Atlanta about the difficult start of the season. “That has a lot of positive energy and the confidence necessary care. They all pointed out that we were on the path, so it was waiting for a good result.”

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