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Mobile phone credit recharge with Ripple’s XRP in the world, thanks to the Uquid

f0997207bf89c8546215b5779e9d6800 - Mobile phone credit recharge with Ripple's XRP in the world, thanks to the Uquid

Mobile phone credit recharge with Ripple’s XRP in the world, thanks to the Uquid

Home News mobile phone credit top up with Ripple’s XRP in the world, thanks to the Uquid

Marcel Knobloch –

The real goal of Ripple is the establishment of payment solutions for large financial institutions on the planet, which enable cross-border low fees and rapid transactions. On the basis of these advantageous properties has made the use of XRP, but also for smaller Startups to be popular, so also in the case of Uquid.

The Tech Startup Uquid recently announced that its customers can now use XRP, to charge their cell phones with new balance. Here, even the smallest amounts can be “refueled”, because the transaction costs in the use of native Tokens of Ripple, XRP, very low, and this Option is suitable for users. In addition to the possibility of the use of XRP, the company, a total of more than 83 different crypto can be used to currencies for this purpose. Uquid offers a wiederuafladebare map, with the users of your crypto stocks quickly and easily convert to Fiat and for every conceivable financial transaction.

The charging of mobile phones will be for more than 150 countries. The payment processor performs further that, worldwide, more than 600 operators are supported, which cover a large part of the market.

However, this is only the beginning. Uquid is working to implement additional services. Examples of payment-traditional services, such as electricity, telephone or insurance companies, which may, in the future, are all paid with XRP or other digital Assets. Here, the main challenge is the compliance with legal framework conditions in the different countries.

Uquid is offering the only platform with such Services. Bitrefill also offers the possibility of phones with new balance, as well as buy coupons as well as virtual gift cards, but XRP has not been implemented yet. The adaptation of crypto currencies is still on the rise, although the development of this new epoch is still in its infancy, and thus at the beginning of the dissemination.

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