Man in Florida killed by own bird

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In Florida, a breeder is killed by one of his birds, casuarius. Notify local media.

The casuarius, is a wingless bird that up to 1.7 metres in size. The bird is in the rainforest of Australia and in New Guinea.

The owner of the animal, a breeder, arrived Friday at his farmhouse at val, and then by the bird attacked, stated the fire brigade of Alachua County the Gainesville Sun. He was transferred to the hospital where he later of his injuries died, according to the newspaper.

The casuarius is closely related to the Australian emu and is the second heaviest bird in the world after the ostrich. Although he mainly eat fruit, he is as an omnivore.

According to the San Diego Zoo is the animals, rightly, regarded as the most dangerous bird on the planet. “Every drietenige foot has on the middle toe dolkachtige nail’ that up to ten centimetres long. ‘The casuarius can be any predator or any other threatening creature with a single trap cut”, sounds the warning on the website of the zoo.

Nevertheless, it was hitherto only one case known of a fatal attack on a human by a casuarius. That incident dates back to april 6, 1926, when a 16-year-old boy in the Australian Queensland a kick in the neck.

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