Last episode of Treasures of People

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These are busy times at Boris Devis, because the online store runs at full speed. Via the internet you can reach everyone and that proves Boris twice over: he sold a cabinet to no one less than Sean Bean, the British actor who became known as Boromir in the Lord of The Rings saga and also as Eddard “Ned” Stark in the razendpopulaire series Game of Thrones. In addition, Boris is constantly on the hunt for new pieces and the price tags are never min: 13.500 to 24.000 euro.

Patrick attends the auction of the collection of Hanna-Barbera items that he in the second season of Pieces of People bought from the owner Virginie. They bought the stuff during a debilitating disease to take all her pain and troubles and the harsh reality to escape from. For the owner of the collection is the auction a very emotional time, a real conclusion to a very difficult period in her life. “My God that had ten sessions with the psychiatrist, that was heavy. I saw them at a given moment to fly.” said Virginie.

A glimpse into the private residence of Paul: a French house with a Moroccan-style ceiling and a Great toilet

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