Israel plant a new mission to the moon

34e83ffb93292ebf7db9b0f18358c81b - Israel plant a new mission to the moon

Israel is there earlier in the week and not managed to get a probe safely on the month to countries, but the country does not give up. There is a second moon, announced the non-profit organization SpaceIL this weekend.

The first Israeli probe ‘Beresheet’ could Thursday not safely land on the moon. In the last phase of the descent, there were technical problems. The main engine fell out, but came to moments later, still ignites, albeit in vain.

If the landing were successful, Israel was the fourth country in the world that such a mission to the moon could be done, after the US, Russia and China. It was also the first private mission ever.

Chairman and main sponsor of SpaceIL, Morris Kahn, announces that, due to the large international support, a second probe will launch: Beresheet 2. “We have this started and I hope that we also in the end can bring. We will have our flag on the moon plants.’

The new project will start immediately Sunday, with a meeting of the team, announced Kahn.

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