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Hip hop is also pop

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Pop The hiphopper who recently received the Grammy for best rapsong won, gave a popshow such as Lady Gaga who would give: a spectacle full of bells, whistles and … flying cars.

Drake appeared on the scene in the kind of sleeveless vest with large pockets that you earlier with Israeli frontsoldaten, in association with world-famous rappers, but which, it must be said – is a man’s monumental arms to their right came. The stage, large and rectangular like an ice rink, was located in the middle of the room. The Canadian superstar ran around without short of breath and gave a stadionshow such as Lady Gaga or Katy Perry who would give. To the bells, the bells, visuals, dancers, and flying cars no shortage. (What the flying car was to symbolize except for the fact that Drake is in all probability more than one instance can afford, is us still a mystery.)

Fit was he sure, that Drake. Nice too, rarely have so many compliments received as part of an apparently fantastic crowd. In good voice? Absolutely, though you know, of course, never in the extent to which the autotune a standard part of Drakes sound – any mistakes disguised. We looked forward to him live his inner Craig David to hear out, and in the soft r&b of ‘Passionfruit’, he shot in that regard at all touch. As touch even a female fan him a bright red bra toewierp, which he then carefully around his microphone stand drapeerde. Drake sang smooth as The Weeknd on top of a babbling deephousebeat which are located on the right side of the Ibiza beach club was, namely, the side where one of champagne drinking and not vodka-redbulls.

Of the autotune-drenched ballads, we were happy that Drizzy they themselves admit, ‘enough with the sexy shit, let’s party on!’. What followed was a medley of hits, audience favorites as ‘Nice for what’, ‘Hotline ‘ bling’ and ‘In my feelings’. And there was ‘Emotionless’ of course, with that sample of Mariah Carey. Mariah sampling: we keep daring to find Drake. A little more of that boldness had this show can best use. Drake gave much, but he told us never to surprise.

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The Assassination Vacation Tour. Drakerating@3Seen on Saturday 13 april in the Sportpaleis, Antwerp.

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