Five years after abduction by Boko Haram are still 112 schoolgirls missing

It is Sunday, exactly five years ago that the islamist rebellenorganisatie Boko Haram in the Nigerian town of Chinok more than 276 schoolgirls kidnapped. 112 of them are still missing, their fate is a great deal of uncertainty.

The kidnapping took place on the grounds of their boarding school in Chibok, in the northeast of the country. Hundreds of girls between twelve and seventeen years, were by armed militiamen of Boko Haram are forced onto trucks. That reason, the brousse. For dozens among them was that the last sign of life.

The abduction caused worldwide outrage. The American first lady Michelle Obama gave a plea to the girls to get free.

Negotiations with the rebels led in recent years to the release of more than a hundred girls. More than fifty could escape. Many of them appeared married very young or did service as a (sex)slave, or kamikaze with Boko Haram.

The parents of the 112 missing children remain in the meantime in the hope that sooner or later they and their daughter will meet them again.

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