Finnish elections should always be a surprise result

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The Finns withdraw today to the polls for a new parliament to be elected. According to the latest polls, the social democrats in a strong position, but also the nationalist Finnish Party hopes to make an impression.

The future of the welfare state, but also the warming of the climate and migration the last few weeks the major subjects in the run-up to the parliamentary elections in Finland. Two hundred seats are there to divide. According to the latest polls the Social Democratic Party has the good enough to as the biggest party from the vote. That puts party leader Antti Rinne in poleposition to a new government to form.

The past elections were the social democrats always clap. But Rinne, a former union leader, with his plea to the prosperity of the Finns to strengthen many souls won for the opposition party. The current centre-right majority saw itself compelled to limbing in the benefits and pensions to freeze, measures that not everyone is equally easy to digest, fell, and, eventually, to the fall of the government have led. Rinne sees more merit in the increase of the taxes.

The last great victory of the Social Democratic Party dates back to twenty years ago. As the cards are now presented he will get other parties in the arms should be close to a majority to form.

At the same time, look forward to the result of the Finnish Party, the former True Finns, a populist party that understands the concerns about migration. By reports of alleged sexual assaults of men of foreign origin this has become a big election issue, notes the BBC. Immigration limit and strict rules for asylum at the top of the agenda of the party.

The Finnish Party has already announced after the European elections in may, an alliance with the ultra-right-wing party AfD in Germany, the Italian Lega, and the Danish people’s Party.

It is also to wait and see what the result of the Green Party are also climate is a prominent theme has been the recent campaign. The party hopes a good result the allure of a big player in the Finnish politics.

In the course of the evening, the first results are expected. More than one-third of the nearly 4.5 million people entitled to vote on advance voting.

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