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Asterix gives Hermes a solid thwack in the first playoff final

882857f04e3627ecdd88c884f512649e - Asterix gives Hermes a solid thwack in the first playoff final

In the first match of the finalereeks of the playoffs, according to the formula “best of five” has Asterix Beveren a surprising but deserved 0-3 victory achieved in the arena of Hermes Oostende.

Hermes Oostende (18-2) and defending champion Asterix Beveren (16-4) had the regular competition dominated and they remained in this order arranged after the first stage of the playoffs. Hermes pulled out when a 5-1 balance sheet, Asterix a 4-2 ratio.

After 4-4 made Asterix of double sloppy ball control from Ostend to use 4-6 front. Both teams took a very long time, never more than two dots projection: 10-8, 12-13, 16-14, and 18-20. Van Avermaet and Janssens (9 points in that first set) names after 20-21 yet wider distance and immediately see the profits in the openingsset: 21-25.

In set two tore Asterix after 11-10 los: 11-16. Platteeuw and especially Coolman (6 points in this set) reacted firmly: 17-17. Of the Team built a new lead (18-21). After Verbinnen and Coolman walked up to 20-21 decided Van Gestel (6 points in the second set) is dominant over the gain: 20-25.

The kustploeg picked up the third deelbeurt immediately in your hands and forced coach Vande Broek at 3-0 to a first time-out. But the Waaslanders found inspiration and realized after 5-2 a 0-6-rush at 5-8 resulted in a time-out of Ostend. At 10-13, it was the turn to the green-and-gels with a 6-0 run to address: 16-13. The final saw a new tension: 19-19. Then showed Van Gestel again her mastery. They completed the second matchbal: 21-25. The first 0-3-defeat of Hermes Oostende this season is an unexpected uppercut. Asterix has the home advantage taken. On Easter, the second finalematch in Beveren. Who is the first of three match wins, won the national championship.

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