2Fabiola will stop in 2020

d713841bb60bfc2ef91cb5b10a0eb7b7 - 2Fabiola will stop in 2020

In the summer of 2020 comes to an end 2Fabiola. Pat Krimson state in 2020, exactly 30 years in the music and is of the opinion that it is good for 2Fabiola. To VTM NEWS told Patje that he, together with Loredana a thick wants to shoot but that the group then stops. In 2017, told Pat Krimson all the Showbizz-Site that he would stop 2Fabiola but afterwards, he asked us for the interview. Now is the knot finally made. Pat Krimson does not stop as a dj and also Loredana remains even after the summer of 2020 on her solo career work.

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