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Union will continue the winning momentum against Kortrijk

8596c7d6456e2546d64208d95ac1b45d - Union will continue the winning momentum against Kortrijk

Kortrijk seemed to be nothing on the amazing team of the past few weeks. The Guys were biting their teeth to pieces on Union, which is also not completely on the level. The result was a closed competition, in which Union finally with 0-1 at the longest end pulled.

Kortrijk conducted Vanderhaeghe two bills. Joel Pereira, the mercenary from Manchester United, got his chance in goal and Batsula replaced the injured D’haene. Also Elsner introduced a bill of exchange by with Union. Ferber, Tabekou out. Pre-Kortrijk – Union announced as a sleutelduel. Both so far freewheelend Play-Off 2, with the maximum of the points and with attractive football. Commitment: the leadership position in group B of the Play-Off 2.

It inspired the teams are not good football, on the contrary. The first half was clearly in Play-Off 2-level: a lot of sloppiness and a steady pace. Both Kortrijk as the Union provided a high pressing. It resulted in a closed first half in which both teams together not budge an inch space gifts.

It was to wait until a flash of individual class. That came just before the quarter of The Sart. The midfielder put the first Kiss smoothly in the wind. Melhem came in support, but The Sart remained sliding on the ball. He brought the ball hard, which Stojanovic head-long over lap.

Also Pereira allowed himself to notice. On a back-pass came Gerard disturb, the Portuguese solved the on with a kapbeweging behind the steunbeen. The first opportunity for Union followed only on the half hour. Niakaté explained to, but the ball went a meter near. The two teams kept each other in balance. Neither Union, nor Kortrijk played the flukse football of the week before.

A flash of the matching of Kortrijk was almost good for a head start. Avenatti played the ball to Batsula, who popped by to Lepoint, the midfielder placed his shot, but that burst is broken on the cover strip. A moment later verkwanselde Avenatti a free schietkans for The Sart. Kortrijk was slightly more dominant, but could not convert a goal. Rest blown out with a 0-0 balance.

In the second half went on both teams in the first instance, on the same elan. Kortrijk got a chance through Avenatti, but it was Union that the ban broke. On the hour headlined Kumordzi a ball against the mind of Niakaté, the leather was in the feet of Selemani who is completely detached could be interior stairways. Pereira won’t stand a chance. Sixth goal for the Comorees. And egg as looked after Kortrijk against a double disadvantage. Selemani – re-he – put Tau with a klassepass deep. The South African stormed only on Pereira, but saw his attempt saved by that last.

Kortrijk were the supporters so gradually nervous. An injury of Hamzaoui was whistling welcomed. The Guys went higher still to play, but wrestled with great opportunities to come. Union-related meanwhile at the popular counter by speeding car drivers Niakaté and Tau. The mercenary of Brighton & Hove Albion got a second chance to score a goal, Pereira to beat, but his shot went aside.

Kortrijk got a free kick in a good position, but Chevaliers attempt went over. A moment later, it seemed to Ezekiel for the equalizer, but he was to hard to the ground and the ball flew. Selemani made even vrijschop egg so after the 0-2, but Pereira was pal. In the six minutes of extra time, goalkeeper Pereira on a vrijschop, the Portuguese lashed out with a bicycle kick, his attempt went a metre over. What a debut would that have been if that going in. No wereldgoal so and the Guys bites the dust. In the second half were the best chances for the Union, that he knew. Union remains true after six matches unbeaten against a first division, book 12 on 12 and stands as a proud leader only on the head in Play-Off 2.

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