Toddler shoots sister by accident by head

a1216e9bfdc979c2af3a946da96be5e0 - Toddler shoots sister by accident by head

In the American state of Georgia is this week a 6-year-old girl died after her younger brother to her accidentally by the head shot. That has the police there announced.

The mother failed in her vehicle to start and thereupon left the vehicle where the children were standing. When the wife wanted to check where the startprobleem came from, she heard a shot from the car, according to Fox News.

“According to the researchers, the four-year-old brother with a gun from a storage compartment of the vehicle removed and then accidentally unlocked. A bullet from the loaded gun and touched the head of his sister and wounded her fatal’, sounds the statement of the Paulding County Sherriff’s Office.

The 6-year-old Millie Drew Kelly was taken to a hospital in Atlanta, but died two days later at the consequences of the shooting incident. The police is not going a charge to submit.

“We want to remind everyone to have guns unloaded and in a secure area out of reach of children to store them so that this never prevents” asked sheriff Gary Gulledge.

A crowdfundingpagina to the family of the girl financial aid to offer has in the meantime already more than 34.000 dollars delivered.

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