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Sint-Truiden has enough to one goal against Oostende

bbfa1e4775258b66bd674660b401a8cb - Sint-Truiden has enough to one goal against Oostende

The Canaries are firmly in the lead in group A after a victory against the first pursuer KV Oostende. Sylla was the only goal of an economical but deserved 1-0. KVO know after two wins in a row again, what losses is.

Football, people, and fire: the motto of STVV is quite promising. Unfortunately wrong the last night just about all at Stayen. The contest was, however, quite important, because Sint-Truiden and KV Oostende bikkelden Saturday night at the leadership position in group A. It was a whopping 26-minute wait on the first doelpoging – Sekine had from the left two man in the wind and then, from a very sharp angle in the zijnet kicked. Sint-Truiden had a light superiority, but chose often the wrong solution. Still got the two good kansjes: first time when Sylla was separated for Ondoa, but was stopped, then when Botaka with a flash of far tried.

On the other side was baked, the carpentry voorlinie of Ostend there is nothing at all. The presence of The Sutter – slightly injured on the bank – and the ingenuity of hurt Canesin were clearly missed. Even more: the first shot on goal of the visitors came only after 44 (!) minutes. De Bock tried it with the courage of despair from the second line, but his attempt sailed over. A tie without goals, it was nevertheless fair during the rest – 2,500 attendees could only hope for a speedy recovery after the rest.

After the rest pulled STVV decided to for and that seemed to immediately result in a lead, but that was outside the VAR calculated. Sekine scored with the head on Ondoa, but the Japanese turned out to be a foot offside. A few minutes after this, Kamada close to the opening goal but his shot whizzed along. Something for the hour was still earned price for the Canaries. After a corner kick was Endo doorkoppen and the detached Sylla ranges: 1-0.

The goal was the signal for STVV to KV Oostende are completely dead to squeeze. First popped Sekine narrowly over, then it was The Sart to be surprised to the second pole pushing. Also Asamoah was his chance. Brittle intervened and brought The Sutter for the pale Guri, and KVO could see the ball suddenly has something better to stick in the front, already provided that no aansluitingstreffer. On the other side got STVV two great opportunities to get the game complete, but Boli was two times not to decide. Also Ceballos got another good opportunity but he was too selfish. A better second half yielded only one goal which made it 1-0 it remained. Sint-Truiden is so slightly firmer in the lead in group A, Oostende know after two wins again what losses is.

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