‘Russia seeks European elections to influence’

3dfc5d2e42d27f558882a23ff54ee3e7 - ‘Russia seeks European elections to influence’

Russia is trying to interfere with elections to the European parliament that is 23 to 26 may will take place. The German news agency DPA could the reports of the European intelligence services about this view. Moscow denies.

Through social media like Facebook or state-controlled media such as RT – Russia Today – Russia attempts to supporters or eurokritische parties to support. Especially young people are the target audience. The intention is, for example, in order to sow seeds of doubt about the importance of the European Parliament and of the participation rate in the elections to subside.

High-ranking sources in the intelligence services, stressing, according to the DPA that the Russian attempts at interference, to date, less visible than in the American presidential elections in 2016 or the French elections in may 2017. In the US, would hack into third-Russians the e-mails from prominent Democrats to the candidacy of Hillary Clinton to harm. In France, there are Russian funds used for the far-right Marine Le Pen to support it.

The Russian government rejects the allegations categoriek of the hand. Russia wants the European elections do not affect, nor have any such intentions in other elections, responded to the Russian ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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