Reveals Sandrine Andre title webreeks Family?

ab1bd100f77055ea8b5ceb60a104bca6 - Reveals Sandrine Andre title webreeks Family?

You could have the last week been reading on the Showbizz-Site, also this summer there is a webreeks of Family. During the annual summer break spoils VTM fans of Family traditional with a series that is only available online. The recordings are fully engaged. Sandrine Andre leaked, meanwhile, already have one and another on Instagram. As posted, the actress is a picture where they are together with Kürt Rogiers see during recordings in the Area. “Fun on the set of #vtmfamilie #verrassingvoorindezomer #lost #landscape #tesla”, wrote Sandrine yet. That #verrassingvoorindezomer no doubt has to do with the webseries. And is the hashtag without a trace, then the title of that web series?
The chance is also big that the webreeks of this year around Véronique and Lars running. But who is there without a trace? Go Véronique and Lars looking for Cédric? Or Marie? Or both?

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