Relationship Jani in the doldrums

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Last week, fourth Jani Kazaltzis his fortieth birthday. Although Jani is happy to see that he is a beautiful career, has managed to build, he has recently noticed that the medal has a reverse side. Jani says in The Interest of Limburg, namely that his relationship with his friend to suffer their busy schedules. Is that 40 is the beginning of a midlife crisis? “It is not so much the number that is bothering me, but the stage of life in which I ended up am,” says Jani. “You’re going to think more about the things: what have I done, what I want to do? I determine that I the past year a lot of my naivety’m kwijtgespeeld. I want my relationship not to lose my house and my career is not to lose”, it sounds in the weekendkrant.

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