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Pro League is demanding $ 50,000 from Anderlecht

a99e8fe71d408df223aacfb77a5abdd1 - Pro League is demanding $ 50,000 from Anderlecht

The fine of $ 50,000 is already a certainty for Anderlecht. Logically, it is also in the rules of the Pro League. There is still a fine in addition to buy, plus a forfaitscore and a match behind closed doors.

A forfaitscore is as good as inevitable for Anderlecht, after the heavy riots in Liège last night. “When the referee the match definitively cease the competition shall be deemed forfaitscore to be lost by the club whose supporters were responsible for the wanordelijkheden’, stipulates the bondsreglement (P1917).

The Pro League requires a fee of 50,000 euros, of RSC Anderlecht, but there might be some disciplinary sanctions by the belgian football association added. The defeat with forfaitscore is one of those, but the Dispute Appeal may also be a contest behind closed doors – whether or not conditional – and a penalty is recommended, the purple and white. The maximum fine is 5,000 euro.

Pro League is also calling for an expansion of the powers of the stewards, reports VRT news. Now they are allowed but limited search. A thorough searched may not. “Now we see what it may lead”, sounds at the Pro League.

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