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Now, what Anderlecht? These are the possible consequences for the purple and white after abandoned match against Standard

40295c04749a753d91194eae8916fbaa - Now, what Anderlecht? These are the possible consequences for the purple and white after abandoned match against Standard

The voetbalklassieker between Standard and Anderlecht in the fourth match in Play-off I of the Jupiler Pro League on Friday evening with a 2-0 stand terminated after the misconduct of the RSCA-fans. They threw several times, the flares on the field, to referee Erik Lambrechts enough found been and the contest final stillegde. Now, what are the consequences for Anderlecht?

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Is this a first?

No, in the Belgian football are often competitions definitively discontinued. The last time dates back to december 4, 2016, then during the match between Charleroi and Standard both supportersclans the fur made. The match was then stopped for a 1-3-projection for Standard and never will be finished. None of the two teams got points.

What are the penalties?

Is sure that Anderlecht 50,000 euro fine to pay. That is so in the internal regulations of the Pro League, the umbrella body of the professional clubs. An interruption of the match provides the club of which the fans in the went wrong a 25,000 euros fine on, a stoppage of the match to 50,000 euros.

There may still be penalties to follow?

Sure. To start the 5-0-forfaitnederlaag. That is officially still not a fact, because the referee that can decide, but will be a fact wórden. In the bondsreglement, literally, was that the contest “is considered with forfaitscore to be lost by the club whose fans were responsible for the wanordelijkheden” – Anderlecht. On that official news is to wait until the bondsparket the claim does and to the disputes committee, or the Extraordinary Chamber of the disputes committee, that penalty. That last one will normally not yet for next Tuesday, but at the earliest a week later. The same as regards the match behind closed doors for Anderlecht is imminent. According to the bondsreglement that sanction is conditional or effective. Anderlecht can then still appeal, even in the BASS.

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