Millions of schommelbedjes of Fisher-Price global recall

f003145c7c900862d1e7a74737f4ecce - Millions of schommelbedjes of Fisher-Price global recall

The American authorities have Friday 4.7 million cribs from Fisher-Price have been recalled due to serious safety risks. At least 32 babies since 2009 died in the cradle, brought it consumentenmagazine Consumer Reports to light.

“Children have died in the ‘Rock ‘n Play Sleepers’ after they their back to their stomach or they are rolled when they are not attached, or under any other circumstances’, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

Fisher-Price reported that, in cooperation with the CPSC voluntarily all products of that schommelbedje recalled. The company stands behind the safety of all its products, ” but in view of the reported incidents where the product was used contrary to the safety warnings and regulations’, it is best to return the product to call, said Fisher-Price, owned by toy manufacturer Mattel.

On the website of Fisher-Price calls to the company itself on to the ‘Rock ’n Play Sleepers’. There are also no outlets more closely linked to the webshop. Also on Amazon is the product is not to be found anymore.

Thursday was the American association of pediaters been called up to the crib off the shelves.

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