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Manager Michael Verschueren hard for Anderlecht-players: ‘If I would work, I would have my job not long hold’

A day after the Anderlecht-fans the match on the field of Standard (2-0) early have do stop by with fireworks on the field to throw, Anderlecht-manager Michael Verschueren the players of purple and white on their duties pointed out. ‘At a certain moment should be the responsibility of the team to be included.’

“The atmosphere in the group had been told Verschueren to VTM. “The players have today been trained and last night a conversation had. But you can continue to talk. This is a statement that I want to make: at a certain moment should be the responsibility of the team to be included. I talk to me not about results, but about eleven players on a football field. As I sometimes work, then I would not have my job can keep. At a certain moment you must stand and you must understand that you for Anderlecht plays football.’

“I’ve always known that there is leadership in the team. And that they very well realized that they for Anderlecht playing soccer. That today must also effectively be shown. Expect the fans also. The guys that are there have to a hundred percent of themselves. If I see that, I can live with a defeat. If that’s not what I see, I have quite a bit and I will draw conclusions. I can’t someone defend that its best not to do so.’

“I think a number of players, however, realize that it to them is to back rights and do it better. If that does not happen, we all know where we’re going: to a non-European story next season, with all the consequences.’

‘Understanding the response of the fans’

The reaction of the Anderlecht-fans Friday night in Liege at the neutral soccer on little understanding count, but Verschueren. “The disappointment of the fans, I understand if we talk about the football. Since the period Weiler, there is no high-quality football, more have been in the Astridpark. The interviews with the supporters planned. I see the supporters this week. Both sporting and extrasportief the club now back on the good track.’

President Marc Coucke during this crisis is on vacation in Vietnam, you may encounter a lot of Anderlecht fans at the chest. ‘The president approves it, ” says Verschueren. ‘It seems that Anderlecht is an absolute low point has been reached. “We are an institute with anchoring, a network and a huge good jeugdschool. We get out of here, let that be clear. Within one or two years, we speak here not about it.’

Police protection

The Anderlecht manager was last night even patrols by police around his house, out of fear of retribution from supporters. “I actually had to laugh that the police in my neighborhood. I found that not necessary. I can take criticism, if it is not against the person played. I have spent the past weeks thought: ‘what am I getting?’ It is not easy. But I know the house and I think we have this right.’

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