Feyenoord is in final stage, with ten men at 2-1 against Heracles

067d73b6140b57e5740602d8cbf4384e - Feyenoord is in final stage, with ten men at 2-1 against Heracles

Feyenoord is in final stage, with ten men at 2-1 against Heracles

April 13, 2019 18:06
13-04-19 18:06
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In the Premier league are Saturday, four races on the program, to know Ajax-Excelsior (6-2), AZ-ADO Den Haag (2-3), Feyenoord-Heracles and Fortuna Sittard-VVV-Venlo (both started at 20.45 hours). Follow everything in this liveblog.

  • LIVE:
    Feyenoord-Heracles 1-1
    Fortuna Sittard-VVV 1-0
  • Results:
  • Ajax-Excelsior 6-1
  • AZ-ADO Den Haag 2-3

Feyenoord-Heracles Almelo · a few seconds ago

Past! Feyenoord book with ten men a narrow victory at Heracles Almelo and strengthens thereby the third place after the defeat of AZ against ADO Den Haag. The Locals seemed a simple evening to meet them after the opening goal of mountain house, but Heracles made soon after the peace 1-1 through Drost. Feyenoord knew, despite the red card of Nicolai Jörgensen (natrappen) to get the job done, thanks to a shredded penalty of Berghuis.Feyenoord-Heracles Almelo · 4 minutes geleden90+1′ Here should be Sam Larsson Feyenoord in safe harbor shoot. Eye-to-eye with Blaswich encounter, he again the German goalkeeper.Feyenoord-Heracles Almelo · 5 minutes geleden90′ Last change at Heracles Almelo: battering ram Joey King needs a tie out of the fire drag for Heracles Almelo. He will come for Maximilian Rossmann.Feyenoord-Heracles Almelo · 7 minutes ago

The frustrated Feyenoord captain Jordy van la parra refused his swap trainer Giovanni van Bronckhorst a hand to give. That looked like this.Feyenoord-Heracles Almelo · 8 minutes geleden88′ Kenneth Vermeer is ugly in collision with Heracles-striker Dalmau, and should be treated.Feyenoord-Heracles Almelo · 10 minutes geleden87′ Tim Breukers is pulling the emergency brake at a promising spot, Sam Larsson and gets yellow.Fortuna Sittard-VVV-Venlo · 13 minutes ago81′ GOAL VVV-Venlo! 1-1

Jay-Roy Cave retrieves from the edge of the penalty area, the road becomes a defender of Fortuna Sittard for the ball. And so is Fortuna goalkeeper Koselev no chance. That promises to be an exciting slot to be in Sittard.Feyenoord-Heracles Almelo · 14 minutes ago82′ GOAL Feyenoord! 2-1

The VAR supports the decision of referee Kamphuis and so should Steven Berghuis construction from eleven metres. The attacker shoots hard and low behind Blaswich.Feyenoord-Heracles Almelo · 15 minutes ago81′ PENALTY for Everton!

Eric Botteghin is light in his back and pushed on when he made a fuss. The VSA checks the penalty kick.Fortuna Sittard-VVV-Venlo · 15 minutes agoDISAPPROVED!

The match Fortuna Sittard. Lamprou was offside.Fortuna Sittard-VVV-Venlo · 17 minutes ago79′ GOAL Fortuna Sittard! 2-0

Lazaros Lamprou shoot Fortuna Sittard in a safe haven. And how. The attacker let VVV-goalkeeper Unnerstall no chance with a dry bang.Feyenoord-Heracles Almelo · 19 minutes geleden76′ Change for Everton: Captain Rajiv van la parra is angry after his change, ignores the hand of Giovanni van Bronckhorst and cashes in a world to the bank. Robin van Persie is in his place.

Change at Heracles Almelo: Bradley Kuwas must leave the field for Silvester of the Water.Feyenoord-Heracles Almelo · 21 minutes ago

7 – Everton have received seven red cards this Premier league season, their joint-highest tally on an upcoming Premier league campaign (also in 2008-09 & 2009-10). Frustration.


AuteurOptaJohanMoment of plaatsen22:08 – 13 april 2019Feyenoord-Heracles Almelo · 22 minutes geleden74′ Feyenoord shows signs of life. Heracles Almelo gets in a corner kick the ball from the goal line.Fortuna Sittard-VVV-Venlo · 23 minutes geleden71′ Change at VVV-Venlo: Jay-Roy Cave replaces Evert Linthorst.Fortuna Sittard-VVV-Venlo · 24 minutes geleden69′ Fortuna Sittard smelling the 2-0. Mark Diemers turn sharp, but just not a player. VVV-Venlo is looming for the third time in a row to lose.Feyenoord-Heracles Almelo · 27 minutes geleden68′ Adrian Dalmau fails Heracles Almelo on ahead to shoot. The striker, bounces a close up on Kenneth Vermeer, with a cat-like reflex at a disadvantage for Feyenoord.Feyenoord-Heracles Almelo · 30 minutes geleden65′ Red!!! Nicolai Jörgensen will get red. The striker will kick in after a failed action is full on the lower leg of Tim Breukers and that is the VAR of course, not escaped. Referee Kamphuis draw after seeing the images red. Feyenoord with ten man further.Feyenoord-Heracles Almelo · 31 minutes geleden65′ Referee Kamphuis going to be the images look after natrappen of Jörgensen.Fortuna Sittard-VVV-Venlo · 33 minutes geleden60′ Jonathan Opoku will get an enforced chance to VVV-Venlo at the same level with Fortuna Sittard. The right-winger comes face to face with Fortuna goalkeeper Koselev and shoot through his foot right next to it.Fortuna Sittard-VVV-Venlo · 38 minutes geleden59′ Change at Feyenoord: Bart Nieuwkoop replaces the injured Cuco Martina.

Also a change at Heracles Almelo: Kristoffer Peterson is with considerable reluctance, to the side, Adrián Dalmau enters the lines.Feyenoord-Heracles Almelo · 39 minutes geleden59′ After the unexpected end of Heraclied Drost is the contest a total of tilted: Heracles dominates, Feyenoord folds back. The Cockpit mort.Feyenoord-Heracles Almelo · 43 minutes geleden53′ Cuco Martina should be treated and suffers from his lower leg. The hired play can continue.Feyenoord-Heracles Almelo · one hour ago,49′ GOAL Heracles Almelo! 1-1

Heracles Almelo is surprising at the same height in The Cockpit! Cuco Martina let doldraaien by Kristoffer Peterson, who sharp header on Jesper Drost. The latter can be ‘m simple binnentikken.Fortuna Sittard-VVV-Venlo · one hour geleden46′ in Sittard, the players have the tea. The second half of Fortuna Sittard-VVV-Venlo is on the way.Feyenoord-Heracles Almelo · one hour geleden46’ Feyenoord and Heracles Almelo starting unchanged to the second half.Fortuna Sittard-VVV-Venlo · one hour ago

Peace! Fortuna Sittard came early lead through Andrija Novakovich. VVV-Venlo will do everything in order to repair the damage, but remember no breach save in the South-Limburg defence: 1-0.Feyenoord-Heracles Almelo · one hour ago

Peace! Feyenoord dominated in the own Cockpit against Heracles Almelo. The 1-0 lead is for that reason deserved to be called. Steven Berghuis was responsible for the only hit of the Rotterdammmers.Fortuna Sittard-VVV-Venlo · one hour geleden35′ VVV-Venlo smells in there to the end. Danny Post gets a fading corner kick for his feet, and studieth not for a moment. The ball sails a little machine next to it.Feyenoord-Heracles Almelo · one hour ago,33′ GOAL Feyenoord! 1-0

Now is Blaswich be beaten. Jörgensen serves the sprintende Berghuis, who controls the ball freeze and along Blaswich slide. Feyenoord leads in house.Feyenoord-Heracles Almelo · one hour geleden33′ Feyenoord knocks firmly on the door at Heracles Almelo. Now is the Jens Toornstra with a hard volley on Heracles goalkeeper Blaswich encounter.Feyenoord-Heracles Almelo · one hour geleden29′ Feyenoord kicks the accelerator against Heracles Almelo. First encounter Steven Berghuis on Heracles goalkeeper Blaswich, after Eric Botteghin close to the opening goal. Feyenoord dominated in the own Cockpit.Feyenoord-Heracles Almelo · one hour geledenEric Botteghin writes history: he is from now on the Brazilian with the most matches in the Eredivisie.

219 – Eric Botteghin is the Brazilian player with the most games played in the Eredivisie (219), surpassing Everton (218). Samba.


AuteurOptaJohanMoment of plaatsen21:06 – 13 april 2019Feyenoord-Heracles Almelo · 2 hours geleden21′ Sven van Beek puts his team in trouble. The defender give the ball as a gift to Kuwas, but the attacker of Heracles Almelo know not to take advantage of.Ajax-Excelsior · 2 hours ago

At Hag: ‘6-2 great result’
Trainer Erik ten Hag shows herself happy about the 6-2 victory of Ajax in Excelsior. “It will be the first to win, but you want to the goal difference work. 6-2 is a good result,” says the trainer. “The two goals are, however, two smetjes.”Fortuna Sittard-VVV-Venlo · 2 hours ago14′ GOAL Fortuna Sittard! 1-0

Andrija Novakovich breaks the ban on behalf of Fortuna Sittard. The striker reacts extremely alert in the rebound on the shot of Balic, that still turned was by the VVV goalkeeper Unnerstall.Fortuna Sittard-VVV-Venlo · 2 hours geleden2′ A dot of a chance for Fortuna Sittard! Unnerstall save on the shot of Diemers, in the rebound aims Lamprou on the nose of the goalkeeper, an injury treatment to undergo.Fortuna Sittard-VVV-Venlo · 2 hours agoKick-off! Also in Sittard, rolls the ball for Fortuna Sittard-VVV-Venlo.Feyenoord-Heracles Almelo · 2 hours agoKick-off! Nicolai Jörgensen has the first half in motion.Feyenoord-Heracles Almelo · 2 hours geledenDe players of Feyenoord and Heracles Almelo enter the field of The Cockpit. In a few moments, sound the whistle in Rotterdam. At Heracles Almelo is the reservebeurt of clubtopscorer Dalmao striking. He has passed through.Ajax-Excelsior · 2 hours ago

At Hag may have little to say about injury to The Young
Erik ten Hag had to say about the injury of Frenkie de Jong in the run-up to the confronatie with Juventus in the Champions League next Tuesday. The midfielder fell in the first half of the duel with Excelsior league. “His hamstring was playing and that’s why I’ve changed,” says the coach of Ajax at FOX Sports. “I didn’t want to risk with him. We need to see how the injury in the coming days develops. He had no complaints, he was fit to play.”Premier league · 2-hour geledenAjax has again taken a step to the championship title with the 6-2 victory at Excelsior. Is Ajax champion?

  • Yes, this gives Ajax more
  • No, PSV is champion

Ajax-Excelsior · 2 hours geledenKlaas-Jan Huntelaar may be the oldest following his departure to chelsea with a hattrick in the Eredivisie.

35y 244d – Klaas-Jan Huntelaar (35 years, 244 days) is the oldest @AFCAjax player with a hat-trick in the Eredivisie. Heritage.


AuteurOptaJohanMoment of plaatsen19:53 – 13 april 2019AZ-ADO Den Haag · 2 hours ago

Past! ADO Den Haag win surprisingly at AZ. The Alkmaarders came in injury time at the same height by two hits of Albert Gudmundsson, but took in the absolute final stage, the third still in strong position, of the shoe of Sheraldo Becker.Ajax-Excelsior · 2 hours ago

Past! Ajax posted a simple victory at the Excelsior and can turn a opponent check-off on the road to the national championship. Klaas-Jan Huntelaar grabs the limelight with a hattrick, while Dusan Tadic (2x) Kasper Dolberg their doelpuntentotalen breaks.AZ-ADO Den Haag · 2 hours ago90+4′ GOAL ADO! 2-3

ADO wins in extremis! Sheraldo Becker scored on behalf of the Hague.AZ-ADO Den Haag · 2 hours ago90+1′ GOAL AZ! 2-2

AZ is at the same height with ADO. Albert Gumundsson shoot the ball from Adam Maher. Know AZ yet to win in their own house?Ajax-Excelsior · 2 hours ago89′ GOAL Excelsior! 6-2

Ee goal for the statistics, but not less beautiful. Jeffry Fortes and blasts a cross from Ali Messaoud beautifully.AZ-ADO Den Haag · 2 hours geleden88′ AZ put a final offensive in an equalizer to force the issue. Trainer John van den Brom, commits a last change: Idrissi remains behind, Helmer takes his place.Back to top

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