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Emma Meesseman of the place with Ekaterinburg for European basketball playoff

Emma Meesseman has Friday with the Russian Ekaterinburg is placed for the final of the Euroleague basketball after a spacious 81-59 victory (peace: a 42-39) against the Hungarian Sopron. Meesseman, still only 25, Sunday already for the third time in the Euroleague win.

In the initial phase were the Hungarians, who the Final Four to organize, still good. In the second half made Ekaterinburg, the difference is mainly with thanks to the American Brittney Griner (19 points, 8 rebounds) and the Spanish Alba Torrens (13 points). Meesseman was good for 7 points, 6 rebounds and 3 assists in 27 speelminuten.

Defending champions Ekaterinburg found Sunday in the final with Dynamo Kursk, another Russian club, in the semi-finals with 84-67 won of USK Prague. Kursk lost the past three seasons in the Euroleague only 3 of its 54 matches. Ekaterinburg won the Euroligue all four times (2003, 2013, 2016 and 2018), of which two times with Meesseman.

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