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Debutant delivers Beerschot Wilrijk first victory in Play-off 2

89c69c29064294bac76a5d2f63bc83af - Debutant delivers Beerschot Wilrijk first victory in Play-off 2

Beerschot Wilrijk has the first victory in Play-off 2 bite. It was in the very sparsely populated Olympic stadium, Eupen 2-0. Notable: the 18-year-old Brian De Keersmaeker made her debut with a goal.

Plagued by numerous injuries picked up coach Stijn Vreven forced out with a new team. Not only winteraankopen Diego Montiel, and Ikarli Bugridze appeared as the kick-off but also the young Quinten Simons from the beloftenkern should debut as the rear on the left.

Possession of the ball during the initial phase was for Eupen. Beerschot Wilrijk got no grip on the midfield and couldn’t do much more than behind the man in possession of the ball constantly. When the attempt of Ocansey deviated, died the ball through Vanhamel on the lat. The well-followed Toyokawa had the ball in goal to go, but with a handsome beenreflex saved Vanhamel the furniture for the home team. The first chance for Beerschot Wilrijk was being infiltrated by Tom Van Hyfte. Aangespeeld by Bugridze he appeared centrally in front of goal, but he decided to pal on goalkeeper Van Crombrugge.

Authoritarian Vanhamel

Eupen continued to be the law to dictate, but it was Beerschot Wilrijk that lead climbed. A disturbing Placca won the ball, played Bugride. Who made himself free with a beautiful action and found Vanzeir for purpose. That missed not and scored from close: 1-0.

Prychynenko could with a late intervention is still a doelpoging of Toyokawa prevent. As Eupen yet dangerous, could Beerschot Wilrijk always count on an authoritarian goalkeeper Vanhamel. Halftime: 1-0.


The second half started with éénrichtingsvoetbal to the goal of Vanhamel. Eupen missed clearly the necessary creativity to real danger. Just before the hour was Montiel replaced by the young De Keersmaecker. Two minutes later doubled he is the lead of Beerschot Wilrijk. Van Hyfte tapped the ball through to Vanzeir. That kept the overview and played central De Keersmaecker that is unsustainable in the target extended: 2-0.

Beerschot Wilrijk had possession of the ball to Eupen and was limited to the check of the game and tried a few counter attacks for danger to ensure. Goalkeeper Vanhamel could with still a quarter to play, with two brilliant saves the aanluitingstreffer prevent.

Beyond sterile dominance, spiced with some poorly targeted long shots came in Eupen, so Beerschot Wilrijk the first three pointer of Play-off 2 if register.

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