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Castors Braine grabs the first ticket for PO-final for the Belgian title

Castors Braine has Saturday for the final of the Belgian basketbalcompetitie in the women. It also won the second match in a Best of 3 against Pitzemburg, this time with 85-68. In the other semi-final went Names with a 78-83 win at Sint-Katelijne-Waver, that the first party had won (58-66), and therefore, there is a third game needed.

In his first match had Braine with 60-83 of Pitzemburg won. In Sint-Katelijne-Waver were there Saturday, renewals necessary. The home team gave a lead of less than 21 points out of the hands finally, at 72-72, the extra time in to go. It was Names to be strong, especially thanks to Vita Horobets (22 points) and Sofie Hendrickx (21 points).

Castors Braine insured had already of the cup and except for a sixth title in a row for a fourth double-cup-national championship.

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