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Antwerp is beating AA Gent and puts huge step towards European football

a49bd8f61e1efca79e6fea51bdf56b9e - Antwerp is beating AA Gent and puts huge step towards European football

What was said of Antwerp, in the Ghelamco Arena with 1-2 won. With a 9 to 12, and all three trips behind the back, surprised the Great Old friend and enemy. ‘We are going to Europe in’, sang the fans again, and it looks slowly that they are right.

Bezus in the base near to Ghent in place of Esiti: it was logical after the 0 to 9 and we could do it on are welcome. The Oekraïner is still the better vóétballer. But just as his ten teammates, he brought it to rest a little. The most dangerous positions were played for the purpose of Kaminski.

Baby: that was the man who Bölöni in the team had dropped – Owusu moved from the base to the stand. The 30-year-old Senegalese Frenchman proved why. After five minutes of shot he hit, after Govea the vrijschop of Refaelov had doorgekopt. Unfortunately for Antwerp has the VAR today about an offside line and left the goal rightly reject it. But the Gent ignored the warning and Baby popped up time and time again the dangerous in the sixteen. A low cross from Refaelov devieerde he is still on Kaminski, but after 20 minutes it was the third time good time. It started at Derijck that the ball is too hard teruglegde on Kaminski, who then did not know what to do and unsure the ball had sliding. Baby he was, however, too fast and kicked off from a very sharp angle is still within. The deserved 0-1 was a fact. A few minutes later headed Baby almost his second of the evening.

Bezus should take showers

Let Gent all the way níks see? Gosh, there was a dangerous cross from Souquet, where Bolat half in addition to handle. A shot of Bronn, too, clamped by Bolat. A swipe from David just about. But too little to Antwerp to worry. The deviation of Dejaegere just before half-time was still the most dangerous, but he was surprised and hit the ball well enough.

Curious who Thorup to the peace exchanged? Yes, exactly, Bezus, who in the winter break, also to Antwerp. Of course, did not Esiti it, but Chakvetadze. Much provided it is initially not on. The Buffalo pushed the visitors backwards, but created not possess opportunities. Sorloth thought Bolat agree to lobes, but without success. Thorup was relieved when on the other side of a goal from Mbokani again disallowed for offside and decided to also Limbombe, last summer came from the star of the Team, to bring.

No hands, no red

Two hot positions then. Yaremchuk took a close up on Van Damme and claimed together with the thuisfans hands, but completely unjustified, the ball ended up on the abdomen. Antwerp thought a red card for Kofi to be able to claim, after that the breakthrough Mbokani seemed to hinder. But Van Driessche whistled a fault against.

The pressure of Ghent went back to what, we thought, but a quarter of an hour for time was still a hole. The ball came after some squabbles are central to the feet of Chakvetadze and the substitute placed the ball very handsome in the farthest corner. Party in the Ghelamco Arena, but that turned out to be of short duration. Lamkel Zé moved to the left, and, almost immediately, 1-2. Refaelov on the other hand was really 1-2. He worked the delicious passje of Govea cool.

But that finale

And to say that Bölöni just a defensive swap was made, and so peace had to that point. He was, for the third time in four matches with dríé pieces to the house. In his first-ever Play-off 1 surprised Antwerp friend and foe by suddenly, however, all the top clubs to beat. What a Gent: turn on but everything on that final in the cup. After the 0 to 12 seems to be in the league not too many more as possible.

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