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Anderlecht-fan testifies about sabotage: “It had have been much worse, believe me’

9b705feecab6689b7c406a8b52fac24a - Anderlecht-fan testifies about sabotage: "It had have been much worse, believe me’

“We are our DNA losing. It was time for a statement, ” says an anonymous member of the hard core of Anderlecht to The Newspaper. That hard core on Friday, a crucial match to Standard. Flares forced ref Lambrechts for the match to stop.

According to an anonymous member of the hard core for more than fifteen years, on a impose after, present – was the bucket full. ‘Supporter you in good and bad times. This is not good for the image of the club, that we know also. We had peace of mind as we have this year, third would end up. There are two teams better? Fair enough. But on one condition: that the players have their sweater wet. Always and everywhere. Because we put our savings into the club and go to all the displacements for the team to support. Through thick and thin. But for the last weeks, even months to happen, it defies imagination. Where is our DNA? Cobbaut? Vranjes? Sanneh? Men that millions have taken, but not even the bank pick up, let alone be part of the cast. Where has the board been doing? We see people laughing in the stands while they in addition to the team. We cast no stone to the new board members, as Frank Arnesen. That can not in six months turn. But let us be honest: it is going the wrong way with the club of our heart. We do kapitaalsvernietiging. We throw money. In thirty years we were there never so bad.’

“It was time for a statement after the non-match against Antwerp. It is months quiet remained. In the past we were after two bad matches are already on training. This advance is being arranged? Yes. We had the match stopped as we a bit? Of course not. But we had agreed to have arrows to throw when the weather was bad. And why not? Standard is for decades the great enemy. It is anyway a hate game. What Standard supporters ever did with Proto, Superior, was ten times worse. Never are those matches final shut down. But we kept in mind that the match would stop. For once, we say f*ck it. And don’t forget that a part of the hard core is still lacking, just because of a impose. It still had much worse, believe me. It is time for a statement, time for a change. For the last few months is the Anderlecht-train completely derailed.’

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