Amber Heard pulls off to Johnny Depp

3a09882ada76677b10aa5cdf72f20add - Amber Heard pulls off to Johnny Depp

Where is the time that Amber Heard and Johnny Depp a happy couple? That are already of times long gone. The two were barely a year married, it was for the actress by the way not a fun period. Depp has recently filed a complaint against his ex-wife for defamation, and he demands no less than 50 million dollars. That complaint shot at Heard in the wrong throat, they are now taking revenge by details about their relationship freely to give. Heard claims that Depp regularly in a drunken stupor and under the influence of drugs. According to Heard would her ex-husband a totally different person when he is under the influence; Several times she was afraid for him because he is aggressive and seems had. Heard adds that Depp her in the face, slapped and even threatened to kill her.

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