16 dead in protests in Sudan

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At the protests of Thursday and Friday were 16 deaths, says the Sudanese police. The military overgangsfiguur Awad Ibn Auf is after just one day resigned. The protests in Khartoum adhere to.

Certainly sixteen dead, and 20 wounded. That is the toll of the protests in Khartoum until now. According to the police the result of stray bullets. There would also be damage to public buildings and private domains.

One day after the fall of dictator Omar al-Bashir has also Defence minister Awad Ibn Auf retreated as the leader of the military council, which took over the power of the president. The protests four months ago against Bashir started to keep still. They demand faster change.

Lieutenant-general Abdel Fattah al-Burhan Abdelrahman is now taking the lead of the military council. The military had this week announced a transition of up to two years to plan, for there will be new elections could take place. At the same time, a civilian government promised.

The protesters responded cheering on the news that Awad Ibn Auf threw in the towel. At the same time, they remained on the street. Their claim is that a civilian government and not a military council – the transition to new elections on track.

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