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Wout van Aert takes “cobblestones even worse than I remember them”, Oliver Naesen has “no flannel legs” for Paris-Roubaix

2ec41e00809e3ae84f4047a2218cc4c0 - Wout van Aert takes “cobblestones even worse than I remember them”, Oliver Naesen has “no flannel legs” for Paris-Roubaix

Wout van Aert rode the past few weeks some of the top results: third in the Strade Bianche, second in E3 Harelbeke and sixth in Milan-san remo. “Also Sunday, I want to have a nice result drop,” he told Thursday after the reconnaissance of Paris-Roubaix with his team Jumbo Visma.

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The team departed from the Holiday Inn hotel in Ghent towards Denain, for an exploration of the last 107 km. There was even up on the slopes driven. “That piste once more driving was really nice. It was a good refresher for the exploration again. Ultimately, I’m still fairly new in Roubaix. Last year saw me two times and I drove the race itself. It can never hurt to get in line again and the sequence again in the head to protrude. And yes, I was a bit surprised. They are in reality even worse than in my memory, especially the Forest of Wallers and Carrefour de l’arbre. The Forest they have ‘freshened up’, many I have yet not noticed,” said Van Aert. “It was good to have all the holes once again, to determine which side of the road is best to drive, though you may sometimes wells just don’t dodge.”

Of Aert stopped en route to have a look at the material to change, here and there to tinker. “This is, of course, the moment of choice for that now is still to be done, Sunday is too late.”

“I already have a very nice spring behind it, I have a beautiful step forward. Both Flanders and Roubaix are all a bit of a bonus. It is fun to be with such a feeling for the course to go down, if you know what a good performance can bring. That was so for the Round and that is now again in Roubaix. I start without stress. This is also the match that made me the best, it is a special course, unique because there are so many cobblestones. There is no other race in the year where you get the comparison. It is really debilitation”, he hopes. “My condition is still very good, I am quite recovered quickly from the Round, and I have a feeling that I was not backward go. I would like to have a top performance in my last kasseikoers. I course still the Amstel, but Roubaix is the last kasseikoers.”

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Naesen: “No form of antibiotics and, therefore, no flannel legs

Without a doubt, the best Belgian this spring, but just in the Tour of Flanders could Oliver Naesen (28) is not about all his powers by a bronchitis. “That I in spite of that disease yet, seventh was is a firm compliment. Because in my mind I know: no worries, I do a lot better. Because by the antibiotics I took with flannel legs around. Now I look forward and that is very encouraging for the Paris-Roubaix.”

The antibiotics is out of his body and that is important. “I cough a little bit, but that should not be a nuisance. I have the form and the legs: there are no excuses. And my team was never stronger than now. Stijn Vandenbergh is following his heavy fall all the way back and Silvan Dillier is better than last year, when he second was after Sagan. During the exploration last year, there were a few depressed. Now, I wanted to quietly work out but they have me abandon it.”

Already delivered in previous trips through Hell for Naesen especially pechverhalen. “In four editions, I drove at least twelve times leak, I drove twice my versnellingsapparaat piece and I fell two times”, lists Naesen. “So it may even go really well. During exploration today, I just wanted my reservefiets test, but that was the leak when he of the car was removed. Without the drive. As that but no sign. (grins) However: great champions such as Tom Boonen reason never leak. Who forced that good luck?”

If all goes well, has Naesen also a secret weapon: pistespecialist Kenny De Ketele. “I have him a call for tips,” says the team leader of AG2R. “For that slopes to arrive is still very special. What was said remains between us. You will get to see it. (laughs) If I suddenly start to surplacen do you know by whom.”

Naesen rode yesterday 100 miles: of sector 24 (Verlain-Saint-Martin-sur-Ecaillon) to sector 9 (Pont-Thibault). Today they do the rest. “It was a refresher. That restored 500 metres in the Forest of Wallers is better, but the rest stays the Hell hear. Especially Haveluy is bad, just as Mons-en-Pévèle. And the wind is against, that is different than the previous years. Not insignificant. There are 20 favorites. That is different than in the past. Then you had Boonen and Cancellara and a few outsiders. Therefore, there will be a lot to be looked at. It is not too late to attack. I want the price not undergo. Continue on 80 miles of the finish line? It would be best to agree.”

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