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World CHAMPIONSHIPS motocross GP of hong Kong falls away and is not replaced

The Grand prix motocross of hong Kong, which was scheduled as the last world cup race on 22 september, is not going through. This is reported by Youthstream, the company that is responsible for the promotion of MXGP and MX2, Friday.

There is no replacement for the GP of hong Kong, and so connect the GP of China on september 15, the world cup season. The real seizoensafsluiter follows on 29 september, with the Motocross of Nations in the Dutch Assen. The organizers in hong Kong have asked for their entry into the global circuit can delay until 2020. This weekend holds the motocross circus will stop in Trento for the GP of Italy, the GP of Belgium in Lommel on 4 August on the menu.

After three races, is currently the Italian Antonio Cairoli (KTM) who is the leader in the MXGP. Best Belgian’s Clement Desalle (Kawasaki) in third place, Jeremy Van Horebeek was fifth. In the MX2 is the Spaniard Jorge Prado (KTM) in the lead.

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