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VRT gives no explanation more for Michael Jackson

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After the controversy surrounding the documentary Leaving Neverland let the VRT know that they are the music of Michael Jackson now would fit, and indicate on the radio. A little more than a month later, it appears that the framework is (largely) gone.

Wednesday, asked a listener by Christel Van Dyck on Radio 2’s ‘Don’t stop’til you get enough’. That song was played, without more. And it was not the first time that music from Michael Jackson passed without explanation. Also on Radio 1, that happened.

“That framework was a guideline, not a mandatory rule. The channels and programme makers to decide the controversy, and the sensitivity estimate. We have as a broadcaster is never pronounced positions, such as a few foreign channels. Some presenters judge so that the heat of the moment what is past. But please note: caution is nevertheless appropriate. There are jokes about, for example, we do not”, sounds at VRT.

They refer also to their directive ‘music and ethics’. There stands the so as to read: ‘All relevant musical styles and songs can be discussed. Also songs that are controversial. But love always take into account the profile of your net, the uniqueness of your program, time of broadcast and the sensitivities of your audience. Depending on the timeliness and sensitivity in the public opinion asks a controversial song or an artist into disrepute additional explanation.’

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