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VRT deletes Tommelein from ‘The Ideal World’, but who can’t laugh

9ddfff4ad0d72bf5b951612f2868e747 - VRT deletes Tommelein from ‘The Ideal World’, but who can't laugh

Mayor of Ostend, Bart Tommelein (Open VLD), was his ideal world that might otherwise be proposed. Five hours long he also took the time to make three short films with Social want to become an ineffectual Michiel of The Ideal World, but the VRT decided Wednesday that that is no longer on the antenna. The first episode was Tuesday or broadcast, but part 2 and 3 shall be deleted. Lock-up period for politicians, it was the judgment of the public broadcaster.

To the chagrin of the liberal. ‘Woestijnvis had indicated in advance, explicitly said that the for the VRT was in order. They were also asking because DIW two weeks to Ostend. I am just the mayor of Oostende . This has nothing to do with politics’, respond, Bart Tommelein. Tom Bartelein, such as Michiel de Oostendenaar called, is especially evil because the VRT to him nothing left to know and had to discover that even the first video on YouTube was taken offline. ‘SP.A-chairman John Crombez sat for weeks in the trailer about the recording in Oostende, but that was no problem. And now everything is without discussion, abandoned. The arrogance of power, ” says an angry Tommelein.

“We have the rules around the lock-up period for the elections to be broadly interpreted,” says the editorial of The Ideal World now. ‘A politician can at a certain rise in the picture, but our stay in Ostend, was apparently insufficient. A pity, but we keep us to these rules and the mayor is grateful that we with The Ideal World, a guest may be in Ostend.’

The VRT confirms that the reports of The Ideal World do not fit within the lock-up period and that they will therefore not be further transmitted. ‘For us is the incident this closed.”

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