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VeChain cooperates with the largest manufacturer of household appliances in the world

VeChain cooperates with the largest manufacturer of household appliances in the world

Home News VeChain cooperates with the largest manufacturer of household appliances in the world

Marcel Knobloch –

VeChain is one of the few projects that offer more than just a digital currency, but the use of rich possibilities far beyond. The latest collaboration starts with a heavyweight from China, the electronics industry and looks to improve through the use of VeChain the Supply Chain Management significantly.

The Singapore-based Blockchain-companies VeChain has teamed up with Chinese consumer electronics giant Haier and the risk management company DNV GL, in order to improve the transparency of products along the supply chain. Haier is one of the largest manufacturers of household appliances in the world, and owns well-known brand such as Casarte, GE Appliances, Aqua or Candy. The so-called “Internet of Clothing” (IoC) provides for the use of smart products to come through the Blockchain in contact with each other and make everyday life easier. For example, to communicate with the washing machine and the folding machine.

In cooperation with Haier, the IoC, the traceability and the originality is used, through the use of VeChains Tracking application “My Story”, to check products, or to track the CO2-footprints. By simply scanning the QR Codes on the products to get consumers a lot of information about the country of origin, method of production and some other data. According to VeChain MyStory is characterized by the following parameters (freely translated):

My Story is a standardized, on Blockchain-based digital Assurance solution, the in-depth industry knowledge from leading industry leaders and DNV GL independent physical Audits, data collection and verification services combined.

DNV GL supports the Review and verification of the Blockchain stored data, including the support of process control and technical interfaces. The CEO of DNV GL, Luca Crisciotti takes (freely translated):

This strategic cooperation strengthens the Lifecycle management system for apparel pieces by the technology of the public Blockchain, which is the confidence of the consumer is strengthened, what will be for the success of a company is becoming more and more important.

Haier tried a CO2 to encourage more efficient life-style. The IoC Initiative aims to make household products such as washing machines eco-friendly. The market, according to a statement from the company is huge and connects, buyers, retailers, and devices. In the year 2018, DNV GL has been involved in VeChain to your future vision a reality through the Expertise and the Blockchain technology.

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