UN envoy: ‘Children of IS-fighters have to be together with their mothers can return to’

‘Children of ‘foreign fighters’ should be able to return to their country of origin and we try to be mother and child together’. That the UN special envoy for children in armed conflict, Virginia Gamba, said in Brussels.

Gamba launched in the European Parliament, a campaign that should make clear how the rights of children in armed conflict being violated.

Child soldiers are, according to Virginia Gamba victims, but according to her, also for the children of Syriëstrijders who are still in refugee camps in Iraq and Syria to stay. ‘It is very sad to thousands of children of IS-fighters in camps to see. Fail to care for those children is wrong’. “They should be able to return and be included in the society where they or their parents come from, and certainly as young children, need their mothers to be able to return. We should always try to be a mother and child together. Of course, if the mother committed a crime, should they be submitted, but the child may not be the dupe of his.’

There are six serious violations of children’s rights, where the United Nations on Thursday in Brussels attention for questions: the recruitment of child soldiers, the killing and maiming of children, rape and others forms of sexual violence, abduction of children, attacks on schools and hospitals and denial of humanitarian aid.

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