Tv debut in the Netherlands for David Vandyck

a452bc3342f8794e54c1cbd863de6048 - Tv debut in the Netherlands for David Vandyck

The West-Flemish singer David Vandyck scores currently still in the Radio 2 Ultratop with his most recent single ‘Beiregoe’, but it is clear that David is not in Flanders only wants to keep. Last year he won for the first time, Flanders, with his summer Hit-nomination ‘I Live For You, ” and, together with Gordon Groothedde, one of the producers of Marco Borsato, delivered the singer a gem of an album. A David Vandyck which have been popular repertoire from the past to the left. With successful radiosingles (‘Around You’, ‘Just Small’ and ‘Beiregoe’) as a result.

In the mean time, David is ready for the summer and before he went to sea with the Dutch Thomas Berge. The duet ‘Alone’ in Flanders later scheduled, but tomorrow, the two singers with their new album already put together proposals, with full live band during the ‘Time to Max’ on the Dutch TV-station Omroep Max.

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