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These are the best movies of the week

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Bouli Lanners is struggling as a single father in ‘C’est ça l’amour’. The best films now in the cinema, selected by our filmrecensent Jeroen Struys.


If Beale Street could talk

Black love matters.

Two lovers, separated by a wall of glass: who will stop them? The director of “oscar” Italian ‘Moonlight’, Barry Jenkins, has a work of love and beauty made of ” If Beale Street could talk’, a book by James Baldwin, full of wisdom and fire. Read that book, see that movie, listen to that soundtrack by Nicholas Britell. Do not say that you are not warned.

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Lost highway

Lost the trail.

Long live the restored versions that again in the cinema. ‘Lost highway’ by David Lynch was not a lost film, but was never previously digital is optimal for the current projectors. The re-release allows current in their thirties to their wet dream of yesteryear to relive, but can also be a new generation to discover that movies also wild, haunting, sexy and incomprehensible. Engine and drive away.

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Spiegelpaleis is evil.

No one ever thought that the director of ‘Get out’ of a onehitwonder. With ‘Us,’ affirms Jordan Peele to its status as a stylish horrorfilmer, which is just as many laughs as shudder as you think. After an hour of ‘Us’ already enough amazing things shown to all with credits. But then it should really take off. You will never be in the same way listening to ‘I got 5 on it’.

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High life

Sperm-shaman in a space shuttle.

Robert Pattinson and a baby, floating through space: who still has extra reasons necessary to immediately go to the nearest cinema to run? Okay, another one: Juliette Binoche as a mad scientist who sexperimenten run on the crew of the space shuttle. And for the film lovers: the French director Claire Denis, who finished her first English-language film is entirely faithful to her ever adventurous oeuvre. To once again to want to look.

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C’est ça l’amour

Father and daughters.

While single mothers are simply in the shadow may continue to struggle, get single dads more and more attention in the cinema. Last year was our fellow countryman, Guillaume Senez impression with Nos batailles”, with Romain Duris in the lead role. When it was a Belgian film director with a French actor; this year there is a French director with a Belgian actor with the same theme to look up to. Claire Burger follows her strong ‘Party girl’, with a film of Bouli Lanners paternity must save. Recensente Jozefien Van Beek saw not only love in the small things, ” but also the power of this moving film’.

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